Central Searchers Dig


Saturday 17th Feb 2018




Hi all


We have permission to search 75 acres of pasture that we have visited before last time in 2014, there are a couple of good Roman spots on this land.

The field on one boundary is adjacent to a Roman villa site Richard found years ago, this has no bearing on finds, just for info and interest.


The far side of this site adjacent to the arable is where the Romans usually come from, and as it is pasture they are in good condition when they are found, there is also an are in the first part of the field that has thrown up about 4 Silique, however there is a filled in pond in this area so there can be a load of modern bits as well.


If you are interested in coming along then email me for details at centralsearchers@ntlworld.com but please be patient on the replies


Don’t forget if you are a member of FID your membership ran out on Sunday 31st Dec 2017 and we will be checking