Central Searchers Dig


Saturday 24th June 2017



Brigstock, Northants



We are near Brigstock, Northants returning to our new farm with more new land again this week.  Once again we are on a mixture of stubble and rough weathered arable.  You can also return to the stubble that we had last week which produced some lovely finds including two gold coins which I have added below.


We had some lovely finds last weekend and the farmer was more than happy with us.



 Two things to note the farmers wife will be doing bacon and sausage rolls this weekend and also hot food for lunchtime.


Second thing is that we need to know numbers for parking purposes so please do let us know that you are coming by either emailing me or putting your name down on our forum at www.centralsearchers.org.uk



If you are interested in coming along then you can email me for details at centralsearchers@ntlworld.com



PLEASE NOTE If you have sent emails and not had a response you can always telephone our answering machine after 7pm on Friday, number is 01933 399814 which will give you a post code to site, please leave your name as attending


Hope to see some of you there



The first lot of finds were from 11/06/2017 dig

This is just some of finds from 17/06/17 dig